Become a Kennel Sponsor

You Can Make a Difference….Become a Kennel Sponsor Today!

Whether you want to advertise your business or honor your canine companion, then sponsoring a kennel is just the way to do it! Sponsoring a Kennel is a great way to show your love for dogs while supporting BCRA’s mission of helping as many dogs as possible. 

Your tax deductible gift pays for their care while they await for their new homes. All dogs need basic care, exercise and enrichment stimulation. Others need more – major veterinary care, socialization, training, time and patience. All of them need hope and it cannot be accomplished without your help. 

Sponsorships are Quarterly to make it more convenient and affordable to lend a hand. 

Business Kennel Sponsorship is $300 quarterly.

Individual Kennel Sponsorship is $120 quarterly

Business Sponsors Will Receive:


  A framed sign displaying your organization placed on the kennel. Those who visit the shelter will know that your business cares about our community’s homeless dogs. 

 Your organization posted on our website with link to your business.

 Your business added to our about page on Facebook as a proud supporter of our rescue efforts. 

 Tags on social media in reference to the dog/dogs that stay in your sponsored kennel so that you can keep tabs on how they are and when they are adopted. 

Individual Sponsors Will Receive:


A framed sign displaying your name placed on the kennel. Everyone will know that you are helping a homeless dog while it awaits its new forever home. 

  Your name posted on our website, Facebook About page and tagged (if applicable) on social media so that you can keep up with the pups that stay in your kennel.

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